Actress Zoe Saldana, spotted out with Bradley Cooper’s  beloved mother Gloria, and her own sister Cisely out having lunch and attending the movies. The trio started off at the California Pizza Kitchen, before going on to watch the The Vow starring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum.

Although Saldana and Cooper’s romance is relatively new, its perhaps no surprise the actress has already met Gloria because she lives with her actor son.


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  1. I do have to agree, Zoe looks very awkward. I not sure if she’s trying to fit in with his mom, but you know how some people try and run behind the mother, thinking that’s her way in. And yes I like Thandie, but I like Zoe also, but they look nothing alike to me.

  2. Cooper’s mother is disappointed in him and Zoe looks as if she is trying to convince Cooper’s mother to accept her.
    They look very awkward and uncomfortable together…
    Thandie Newton is so much better looking than Zoe and a much better actress as well. I think it is hilarious when Zoe claims her mother can’t tell their pictures apart. Thandie looks like a woman, Zoe not so much.
    Natalie you are so wright! And Bradley’s mom is not happy about it, that is so obvious. And Zoe is so unintelligent that she tries to “wax” his mumy with these sort of thing but that is a woman that has been around for some time and sees from a distance what this ine wants. They look very awkward and uncomfortable together! I would be too.

  3. … You know what, a man fool of himself likes to think that this woman left an engagement out of total love for him…uau! how romantic. He is not seeing the forest, only the tree. This one is on him because he’s now riding the big wave. She was sick and tired of the other relation and needed an excuse. Goes to make a movie with him…there´s the gold opportunity and she grabbed it. Don´t like her, not fooling me. Though it is strange that an articulated intelligent man with some level of class and education, who has dated Renee and jennifer sposito – liking or disliking, they´re both classy ladies – grabs this one literally from the cheapest side of the “block”. Jesus!!! More likely this one was jumping all very his lap before breaking up with the other. Making sure she had something to grab before lifting if you know what i mean. That is why they kept this 5 year old attitude of hiding the romance. It is shameful and immoral so lets hide it and wait for people to forget the past. But people don´t forget. And it is really not our business. On the other hand, let´s be honest girls, if she was a man we would be naming her the worse names for that. Well, let’s keep some intellectual integrity and call this one by her real name too.

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