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Zoe Kravitz and Janelle Monae are heating up the magazine circuit with their #BlackGirlMagic. More inside…

Blondie Zoe Kravitz may have famous parents. But, she’s steadily making her own lane in the entertainment industry.

The YBF actress graces the cover of ELLE magazine’s February 2017 issue, one of four issues that feature her “Big Little Lies” co-stars Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Shailene Woodley.

Inside, Zoe, rocking a Dior dress and bra for the cover, opens up about how Donald Trump winning the presidential election has changed her.

“There has to be something positive that can come out of [the election],” she said. “Already it’s helped me want to connect with everybody. When I go to the deli or I’m talking to a waiter or my Uber driver and they say, ‘How are you?’ I’ve answered in an honest way for the first time. Like, ‘Oof.’ Even that felt good. Let’s let everything come to the surface, even with people we come in contact with for a moment. This situation can help us be a little bit more awake with each other.”

Speaking of politics, the Divergent star also dished on how her mother, Lisa Bonet, stumbled into that world.

“She kind of stumbled into that world. It wasn’t a conscious choice (a) to be an actress, (b) to be a famous actress, and (c) to be—she shook things up—a model for so many young women. The beautiful thing about her is that she just thought a certain way and lived her life that way.”

As for her new show “Big Little Lies,” it’s a dramedy miniseries based on a book by Liane Moriarty by the same name. The seven-episode show will carry themes about sex, murder and mystery and is dubbed to be a “dark comedy.”

“Big Little Lies” will debut Sunday, February 19th on HBO.

In another magazine…

Baddie Janelle Monae already solidified her spot in the music industry. And now, she’s taking over the film industry. With two prominent films in theaters (Moonlight & Hidden Figures), the WONDALAND honcho had the best year ever.

The always tailored diva is heating up GQ magazine with a few hot shots and she’s dishing on what she hopes for black people in the film industry.

“I want to see more black people. Not just in films like Moonlight. Big-budget films, too,” she says.

We do too.

She adds, “I want to redefine what it means to be young, black, wild, and free in America.”

We’ll be watching her do just that!

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out Hidden Figures and Moonlight in theaters now.

Photos: Alexi Lubomirski via ELLE/ Pari Dukovic via GQ

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