• Joey Salads claims New Yorkers were rude to him while wearing a MAGA hat
  • He walked around Union Square wearing the hat after the Women’s March
  • The YouTube star has been accused of making misleading videos before 

Kaileen Gaul For Dailymail.com

Joe Salads posted a video on Monday that appeared to show people being rude to him for his ‘Make America Great Again’ hat

YouTube star Joey Salads wore a ‘Make America Great Again’ cap and walked around lower Manhattan for two hours  after the Women’s March ended.

He filmed the reactions of pedestrians as he roamed the streets of the mostly Democrat city. In the general election, 79 per cent of voters in New York City voted for Trump’s rival Hillary Clinton.

At the beginning of the two minute video posted Monday, Salads, whose last name is actually Saladino, is greeted by Trump supporters around Union Square. 

Later, a man wearing a hoodie whose face is nearly obscured knocks off his hat and continues on his way. Saladino picks up his hat and continues onward.

In the next scene, a man who is also wearing a hoodie spits on Saladino’s feet and says ‘F*** you racist piece of s***.’ The offender does not show his face.

A man knocks Saladino’s hat off of his head in Union Square

Soon after, a group of people crossed the street to ask Saladino if he is OK. Saladino tells them he thinks the man spat on him because of his hat and one of the pedestrians says ‘I would have kicked him.’

The shocked pedestrian continued:  ‘He spit at his feet. That’s disgusting.’

It is important to note that Saladino’s videos have been called out before for being staged. 

In October he showed in a now-deleted social experiment video how a Trump supporter’s car was destroyed in a predominantly black neighborhood. 

In the beginning of the video, a few Trump supporters encouraged Salads for his hat (left). At the end one pedestrian spat on his feet for supporting Trump (right)

He later apologized on his personal channel according to the Daily Beast. 

Saladino also received backlash when he posted another social experiment video of a man dressed up in Middle Eastern dress and threatened people with fake bombs the day after the Pulse shooting. This video is still on his YouTube page.  

However, people have been filmed receiving abuse for supporting Trump. Last weekend, a woman was removed from a plane after verbally abusing a Trump supporter.  


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