KandiLady we’ve recoginzed YOU as the #1 gumbumping chyc on Gumbumper.com, you keeps it REAL and you say what’s on your mind!!

For being the #1 Gumbumper…….. we want to send YOU an autographed *Nicki Minaj* poster && CD.

Inbox us your info HERE.

Gumbumpers don’t be skurred to comment on our posts and speak your mind! #WeDontJudge!

You just might get hit up with sumthin *special*

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  1. OMG!! Gumbumpers… Thank you so much!!!!!!!!! I want to Thank God first and foremost, then i want to thank my mom and all my friends and fans (tee hee) but Thanks so much i really appreciate this winning! More folks should comment .. its easy and they can see it pays off!

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