Well, we already heard about some of the drama when Morgan Hardman and Teirra Mari sat down with The Breakfast Club. Now we know it’s really going down!

yesi ortiz

S2S Magazine reports:

“It’s going to be an intense reunion. There is so many fights that happened verbally and then one unexpected one from out of nowhere with Mally Mall,” she said.

Yesi, who said the drinks were flowing that night, said Yung Berg and Mally got into it when Mally continued to talk about Yung Berg and Masika Kalysha.

There’s been speculation that Berg’s physical violence later that night had something to do with Masika and Mally; although, that has not been confirmed.

“I’ve talked to Masika. She was in shock. She was at a loss for words,” said Yesi who assured fans that Masika is okay.

During the season, the only person Yesi clashed with was Ray J, whose girlfriend allegedly attacked his former manager Morgan Hardman during the show.

“Princess stands up and charges at [Morgan]. There was no flat out, nobody got knocked out,” Yesi said. “Morgan stood up; she fought back. Security came through and separated.”

Yesi didn’t make any excuses for her cast mates, but she reasoned that the alcohol and the atmosphere caused some of the “LHHH” stars to act out of character.

“You have to be a certain type of person to be able to deal with all that drama. You have to be built a certain way to be able to handle a certain type of drama from all over,” she said. “We all get out of our character.”


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