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 photo game2.jpg got the chance to girl-chat with one of our fave YBFers Wendy Raquel Robinson. She stars as the loud mouth and very opinionated Tasha Mack on “The Game,” but that’s not all she’s good at. Get the deets on her upcoming role in the Disney original movie Descendants, the inside scoop on her health and beauty secrets that keep her looking flawless and more inside…

With “The Game” going into its final season, Wendy Raquel Robinson already has her next project coming down the pipeline. She will be starring as Cruella de Vil in a Disney original movie titled, Descendants. And it premieres next month. Nice!

Over brunch at the the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills last week, the 47-year-old star (who celebrates a birthday next month) dished to YBF correspondents Lauren Smith and Ashlee Laughlin about her upcoming role and what we can expect from the film. She spilled,

“It’s called the ‘Descendants’ and it’s all about the children of the evil queen Maleficent, Cruella de Vil [101 Dalmations] and Jafar [villain from Aladdin]. It’s exciting. It comes out around my birthday. I think it comes out July 31st. “

We’re here for it!

Right now, Wendy says she open to new possibilities and reveals she wants to get behind the camera to create and tell stories. Any story she’s dying to tell? She dished,

“I’ve always had a thing for Eartha Kit. Always had a thing for Eartha Kit. I really just want to tell stories that portray women in a positive way, even though we have flaws and we go through our struggles, there’s always something redeeming and something humanistic about all of us.”

If she had any advice to give her character Tasha, she said she would tell her, “Shut up twice before you speak once. You don’t always have all the answers and it’s ok not to. Love yourself first and every man isn’t a bad man.”

The fit and trim starlet also disclosed a few of her health and beauty secrets. So how does she keep her svelte bod? She credits it to working out and genes! She said,

“I get facials, I drink my water and working out. I work out. My stress reliever is the gym. I would take my script, I would learn my lines, I answer my emails standing right there on that elliptical and before I know it 55 minutes have gone by.”

She added,

“I started out as dancer, so I still go back to that. It’s kind of in my genes. It is genetic. I don’t deprive myself. I try and work out as much as possible and it helps me stay grounded. When I don’t work out, it’s a problem.”


Peep the newly released trailer for Wendy’s new project Descendants below:

It’s almost game time! The final season of “The Game” airs tonight on BET at 10pm E/T.

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