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Hey, ladies! “The Game” star Jay Ellis says he’s single…and ready to mingle! At least, that’s what he told us. sat down with the sexy actor to chop it up about the upcoming season finale…and a few other interesting things that made our crush grow even more. Come inside and find out what we learned…

With BET’s “The Game” season finale right around the corner, got a chance to chat it up with two of the show’s stars over brunch at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills last week.

While chopping it up with Jay Ellis who plays “Blue,” the star rookie, he dropped one major nugget on us that we’re sure you ladies would love to know: He’s single…AND he’s ready to get into a serious relationship…like yesterday. That’s right ladies, Jay is looking for “HER.” We asked (…for a friend) if he was taking applications.

The YBF actor, rocking Diesel denim, Hugo Boss boots paired with a shirt and jacket he picked up from a boutique in France, jokingly told YBF correspondents Lauren Smith and Ashlee Laughlin we should hold a speed-dating contest to help him find Mrs. Right. When asked about his relationship status, he spilled,

“Still single,” he tells the “We should do a YBF dating contest. We should like a speed date. Sitdown and do 3 minutes.”

OH?! Well Jay, if you’re serious about this speed-dating thing, we can definitely make it happen. Right ladies?

He then revealed he’s ready to settle down in a real relationship telling us,

“I won’t lie, I’m ready. I just had this realization last week where I was like ‘Oh, I’m ready.’ Like I wished I had a girl with me while I was out of the country last week. And I wish I had my girl with me to experience that, you know what I mean?”

We sure do!

Jay also revealed how his on-screen relationship with Keira (played by Lauren London) helped him figure out exactly what he wants in his next relationship and what he needs to work on to be a better partner. He revealed,

“I think that’s one of the biggest things I learned from Blue was his relationship ups and downs. And really figuring out what I want and what I don’t want; where I need to compromise and where I need to grow up. I think I learned a lot through his relationship with Keira.”

So there you have it ladies. IF Jay does decide to do a YBF speed-date, we’ll definitely keep you posted.

Here are a few highlights from the rest of our chat between YBF Correspondents Lauren Smith/Ashlee Laughlin and Jay Ellis:

On what we can expect from professional baller Blue in the finale season:
“I think we see Blue grow up and become the man we always wanted him to be. He was supposed to be blueprint, the dude who made good decisions and not be the typical athlete. And for the most part, he has been the typical athlete. But this season, I think we finally get to see him grow up and choose what’s most important to him.”

“We’re going to see some sad moments. It’s going to be fall out about something. We’re going to see a shocker moment where you’re going to see him take a stand. He’s going to take a stand as a human being, not just as a player. As a human being, he takes a stand. His teammates respect and take a stand with him. It’s a very shocking moment.”

On his upcoming projects:
“I’m producing two movies. One is called ‘Lemonade’ [which he is also starring in]. We start production in about a month. It’s a romantic comedy, very New York. And another drama that’s a little bit further out. I’ve been writing a lot lately trying to tell different stories and kind of create my own lane. I also want to do comedy.”

On filming last season’s elevator fight (similar to the Ray Rice/Solange incidents) on “The Game”:

“[It was] stressful. You know that you’re shooting a big scene. It’s stressful in a way that you want to make sure you’re honoring what’s really happening. You want to make sure that you’re not imitating that very infamous moment that we know that happened in that elevator. You want to have a very honest moment. The emotions are super, super heightened in the hour of shooting that scene. There was a lot that went into shooting that scene.”

The final season of “The Game” premieres tomorrow night on BET at 10p ET. Stay tuned for our sitdown with Wendy Raquel Robinson where she dishes on her exciting new role, her health and beauty secrets and more!

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