photo weweeIMG_9724.png chopped it up with the cast of Starz hit series “Power” recently and got an earfull when Executive Producer 50 Cent hinted at some sexual tension brewing with co-star Naturi Naughton. But doesn’t he have a new girlfriend? Hmph. Watch our exclusive interview inside…

The stars of “Power” are gearing up for a sizzling second season (kicking off this weekend) and had the pleasure of chatting it up with the cast during their round of promo in NYC and during the fabulous Season 2 premiere party (see pics here).

During our no-holds-barred sit down with executive producer and actor Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, alongside series regulars Omari Hardwick, Naturi Naughton, Lela Loren and Joe Sikora, we got the cast to open up about those titillating love scenes, how they helped create their characters and if they see parallels between their own lives and the folks they play on screen (peep the video below).

First things first… wanted to know what we can we expect from Ghost, Tasha, Tommy, Angela and the rest of the sexy cast. 50 Cent told us:

“They all come to life…the characters…they’re real people now. It’s amazing to see how people invested in it because we’ve timed things the right way. It’s an amazing project.”

As you know, we love to stir the pot. So during our chit chat with 50 Cent, YBF correspondent Shirley Vernae asked Mr. Cent to respond to a little tidbit we heard from Naturi Naughton saying she wouldn’t be opposed to an on-camera love scene with his character Kanan. He quipped, “It would be fun.” Of course, 50 Cent is ALWAYS extra, so he added, “Maybe we do it off of the camera. Somewhere else.”

Not missing a beat, co-star Joe Sikora (aka Tommy) piped in, “You’ve got to rehearse…if you’re gonna get it right.” Mmhmmm….We can’t help but think there’s MAY be some truth in these “jokes”.

Since we just saw Curtis with his new girlfriend Nancy Babochian last night, we won’t stir that pot….yet!

We got Naturi (shown above with Omari, Lela and “Power” creator Courtney Kemp Agboh) opened up about creating the “Tasha” character we’ve come to love and you’d be surprised to know that she pulled on the very nasty split from girl group 3LW (with Adrienne Bailon & Kiely Williams) to find her character’s strength.

“There are certain similarities…Tasha’s a fighter….I’m a natural fighter. I’ve been through some things where I had to be a fighter too. And I definitely connect to how Tasha’s not going to give up.

So many people come up to me and they’re like oh my gosh you’re killing it. I’m proud of you. You came through that situation in that group (3LW) and now you’re really an actress.”

By the way, we asked Naturi if she’s in contact with her former 3LW members. And she kept it 100 saying, “No….it was not an amicable breakup.”

Since we got to see the first few episodes of the new season (and they’re GOOD!), it was a must that we got Naturi’s take on girl code…when it comes to women being into the same man. When asked if she’d ever been in that situation, she said, “I’ve definitely been there…friendship is more important. A guy can come and go but friendship is always.”

Good to know!

“POWER” premieres June 6th at 9PM ET on STARZ. Stay tuned for our sit down with Omari Hardwick and his on-screen mistress Lela Loren!

Photos/Video via Naturi Naughton’s Instagram/Shirley Vernae

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