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BRAVO’s “Married To Medicine” debuts this Sunday and has a hot cup of tea for your viewing pleasure. We sat down with starlet “Miss Quad” Webb and she spilled a cupful of alleged information about her co-star Lisa Nicole Cloud.

As fans of BRAVO’s hit tv series “Married To Medicine” prepare to don their scrubs for Season 3, sat down with outspoken starlet Quad Webb-Lunceford. Chick is ready to spill the tea and set the record straight regarding her fall-out with frenemy Lisa Nicole Cloud (pictured below on the far left).

As with most reality tv fights, the backstory predates the start of the show (Quad and Lisa were friends back in the day – long before BRAVO). Quad tells that she was instrumental in securing Lisa a slot on “M2M” and throughout the duration of the show’s filming, they’d NEVER had an argument or a fight. But….on May 31, 2014 – Quad found out that Lisa Nicole (her friend of several years) had run a background check on her. CLUTCH YOUR PEARLS. In the words of Miss Quad, “Who does that?”

Quad (@absoutelyquad) feels that Lisa got bit by the “fame” bug and became willing to do whatever was needed to get more screen time….even at the expense of Quad’s reputation. She told us:

“It’s really disappointing because she was willing to leverage our friendship. Everyone knows that friendship is high on my priority list…and she got that background investigation on May 31 while we were still friends. There was no need for her to do that. We were going into the reunion last year, which we filmed on June 3rd. So apparently she was preparing herself to come at me at the reunion…”

Ouch… it really THAT vicious behind-the-scenes at BRAVO reunion show tapings? Quad says no…..this was totally a “Lisa Nicole” thing.

Lisa (according to Quad) has listed a number of reasons for doing a background check on her: 1) Quad’s aggressive personality 2) they share a mutual friend with past offences and 3) she considered investing in Quad’s “Picture Perfect Pup” business.

Quad sums it up this way: “It was definitely [done[ to be malicious and vicious.”

On Season 3, we will see Lisa Nicole “introduce” her findings to the rest of the ladies. Messy. Messy. Messy. So how did Quad respond to this? Like a true diva….she did HER own background investigation. Yes, Quad did a check on herself (so she’d know everything the girls knew about her) and then she did a check on Lisa Nicole. SIDEBAR….private investigators in Atlanta were well paid in 2014 apparently! Ready for the tea?

Quad hinted in her own words.

“When you open up Pandora’s box….She is very unruly. There are a couple of things. I don’t want to get too ahead of myself. Well…let’s just say she’s been “BOOKED” and I don’t mean at a concert or speaking engagement.”

Tell us more.

“She’s been a lawless villain,” Quad said.

Oh really?

“She’s been charged…and I don’t mean American Express,” Quad revealed.

When we inquired about any particular area of the law the “lawless villain” was caught up in, Quad said,

“You might want to look in the domestic area. Infidelity. Domestic. Put two and two together.”

Quad quipped, “It’s something that you put in a car…and it starts with B. Battery.”

Infidelity? Domestic battery? Sounds like Lisa Nicole’s past isn’t as squeaky clean as folks thought. Allegedly. And it seems the drama will play out throughout the season. We also reached out to Lisa Nicole for comment.

Quad tells us she’s working on a collection with BCBG, and she also shot a movie called “My First Love” with Pooch Hall and Gabrielle Dennis.

Check out a sneak peek of the upcoming season below:

Season 3 of BRAVO’s “Married To Medicine” premieres June 7 9/8c.

Photos via Quad’s Instagram/Bravo

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