#Roommates, it looks like #XXXTentacion went straight to jail this morning after being charged with 7 separate felonies for his 2016 domestic violence case!

According to @TMZ_TV, the new counts he’s facing include different degrees of witness tampering and witness harrassment. Prosecutors in the case believe he threatened his ex-girlfriend that he allegedly beat and is currently facing battery charges against a pregnant woman along with false imprisonment.

So what prompted all of this? XXXTentacion reportedly provided a document earlier this month that was signed by the alleged victim stating she no longer want to press charges. Turns out a Miami judge wasn’t buying it and felt he violated his bond.

X is currently in jail and being held without bail. He’ll likely remain in jail until his trial and is facing decades in prison, if convicted.

Source: http://www.tmz.com/2017/12/15/xxxtentacion-jail-witness-tampering-charges/

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