#Roommates, a Florida judge is ordering #WyclefJean to cut a check for $484,554.90 after a year long battle on Wyclef’s foreclosed home.

According to @Blast, back in 2008 Wyclef was sued for defaulting on his mortgage for a Miami home he purchased before it was completely finished. When he defaulted, the judge in the case ordered the home be sold at a foreclosure auction. The home was then sold to a third party for $1.6 million but had a deficiency left of $824k that Wyclef still owed.

Things get worse Roomies… it seems Wyclef entered in an agreement where he would pay installments totaling $350K plus interest. The only issue is Wyclef reportedly never made a single payment! So Wyclef now owes $484,554.90. If not paid, his assets may be seized in order to collect the debt.

Source: https://theblast.com/wyclef-jean-foreclosed-miami-home/

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