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Nick Gordon was a hot mess during his Dr. Phil interview – which we’ve now learned was an intervention! Watch the clip inside and read a shocking Facebook post from Bobbi Kristina’s aunt who claims Nick is being investigated for attempted murder!

We’ve got a few updates regarding Nick Gordon. Grab your cup. Sip Slowly….

A few days ago we brought you news about an upcoming tell-all interview with Nick Gordon and his birth-mom Michelle on the Dr. Phil show. While we were initially under the impression that Nick sat down to talk about Bobbi Kris, we’ve learned the interview was much more than that. In fact, let’s call it an intervention because that’s what it turned out to be. While Nick thought he was meeting Dr. Phil to discuss Bobbi Kristina, the sit-down was really a front to get him into rehab (all set up by his biological mom).

According to TMZ, Nick was drunk and high during the segment and could barely form sentences. Alcohol and Xanax are his crutches (allegedly). He even (allegedly) punched two of Dr. Phil’s staffers as he stormed out of the interview.

While he did make it to rehab eventually, the messy interview featured tons of tears over Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kris (“I miss them”) and a moment where Nick screams “I hate Bobby Brown!”

What did Nick reveal about Bobbi Kris and the tragedy? Sources say Nick’s lawyer would not allow him to talk about anything connected with the events that led up to Bobbi Kristina’s tragedy, so we’ll still be in the dark about that. Unless you believe what Aunt Leolah had to say (see below).

Nick’s “Dr. Phil” episode airs on Wednesday…

In other shocking news…

We’ve all got an Aunt Leolah. She’s in everybody’s business and is not afraid to speak her mind.

When Auntie LeLe heard Nick was going to be on Dr. Phil, we’re sure she screamed. Mainly, she was pissed that she wasn’t booked for the interview (don’t forget she’s allegedly filming a reality show and IS NOT camera shy). Saturday night, she got on Facebook and blasted Dr. Phil for giving Nick a platform to garner sympathy.

“We have strong evidence of foul play. Until this investigation is completed by law enforcement, I would ask that you or anyone else not provide this individual a platform to spin this situation to his benefit.”


She went on to say that Nick is under investigation for the attempted murder of Bobbi Kristina. “If Nick Gordon does not have the courage to speak with my brother Bobby Brown and/or law enforcement about what happened the day my niece’s body was found in a bathtub, he does not deserve to have a platform to speak to anyone of your caliber until this investigation is concluded.”

Now…we haven’t heard about “attempted murder” from the Roswell Police Department (we’re just telling you want Aunt Leolah said).


Screenshots via Fox 5 News/Dr. Phil

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