Katy Perry has a lot to celebrate! She just turned 29-years-old, she’s on a world tour and she is worth $75 million buck-a-roos. She took a break from her busy schedule on Sunday to explore the countryside in Sydney, Australia with her friends. Katy and her friends went on a cycling tour through Centennial Park in Australia. However, the California girl didn’t follow the safety rules of the Australian city which requires all riders to wear ‘an approved helmet – worn at all times. This applies to all riders regardless of age,’ according to NSW roads.

4Katy Perry Cycling Tour

Katy shielded her eyes with dark sunglasses and her dark locks were pulled back in a tight bun. The singer apparently is confident enough in her bike-riding skills because she didn’t feel the need to wear her helmet, which hung on the bike handle in front of her. After riding around, the star parked her wheels and decided to get in some shopping on foot. She visited some of Sydney’s trendiest shops in Bondi, an eastern suburb of Sydney, including Ksubi and Tuchuzy as well as a few recycled clothing stores.

6Katy Perry Cycling Tour

5Katy Perry Cycling Tour

4Katy Perry Cycling Tour

3Katy Perry Cycling Tour

2Katy Perry Cycling Tour

1Katy Perry Cycling Tour

Katy Perry Cycling Tour

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