A brawl between 23-year-old Colleen Dagg and a woman who has been identified as Summer Cortts at a Florida hotel went viral on Tuesday. According to reports, Dagg witnessed Cortts make some racist comments and put the paws on her! At he end of the day, she says that she just wanted to use her white privilege “for the right reasons” that day. Well, by all means, sis!

Anyway, Dagg gave her account of what actually led to the fight at the Summer Cortts La Quinta Inn. “I heard something she said and walked out of the building and thought about it for a second and walked back inside to the counter calmly and asked her if I heard her correctly, just like I’m talking to you, no attitude. She said ‘don’t worry about it, I’m not black,’” Dagg told reporters.

She continued, “[Cortts said] ‘you guys need to do something about all these wet floors over here, you know how these Haitian people are.’ To me she was inferring that Haitian people are more likely to sue somebody than another race.”

Next, Dagg began to take her shoes off, which she says was her way of getting ready to defend herself if it was needed. Then, Cortts appear to hit her which ultimately led to her getting her arse beat. The Grio reports, “Cortts was given a notice to appear for disorderly conduct and has been barred from the hotel.

As if she couldn’t score anymore cool points, Dagg made a statement on her Facebook page in which she explain why she felt it was important to use her white privilege against the other woman.

“Fighting racism is dependent upon using my white privilege for the right reasons. There were two examples of white privilege in the video. The woman in the blue dress tried to use her white privilege on me, the fact that I’m white too must have slipped her mind. If you see it, say something. It’s really that simple.”



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Source: http://thegrio.com/2017/08/26/using-my-white-privilege-for-the-right-reasons-florida-woman-explains-viral-beatdown/

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