#Roommates, #RKelly’s recent press is taking a turn for the worse. According to @TMZ_TV, #RKelly is now being sued by a woman named #FaithRodgers for an alleged sexual assault and failure to disclose an STD.

According to the lawsuit, Faith says she met #RKelly when she was 19, back in 2017 at one of his shows. He then reportedly flew her out to another show a few months later in NYC where she alleges the assault took place. Faith alleges R.Kelly “bombarded” her hotel room and initiated “unwanted sexual contact.”

Here is where things get tricky #Roommates, it seems despite their first encounter, Faith claims her and R.Kelly dated for a year where he allegedly abused her mentally, verbally and sexually. Faith drops another bombshell saying she also reportedly contracted herpes by R. Kelly as well.

Faith is suing him for sexual battery, false imprisonment and failure to disclose an STD.

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