Chipotle has been flying under the radar lately after it’s many downfalls over the past few years. Well a life without drama for the restaurant was short lived because a woman is reportedly suing them for a whopping $2.2 billion and it’s not over the food either!

According to the LA Times, Leah Caldwell slapped the Mexican chain with a lawsuit after it allegedly used her picture without her permission. Apparently the picture was taken back in 2006  at one of their Denver locations but she claims that she refused to sign a release form hoping that the photo would be trashed after. The suit says Caldwell was surprised to see her photo in use at multiple Chipotle eateries in California as well as other states six years later.

To add insult to injury, Caldwell is also claiming that the pictures were photoshopped to have alcohol in it which the suit says sheds “false light upon her character associated with consuming alcoholic beverages.”

Caldwell, who is representing herself, accuses the photographer of invading her privacy because she says there were no visible cameras or announcements made about any photography being taken.  The suit says Caldwell was engaged “in the personal activity of eating in a nearly empty restaurant” and had a “reasonable expectation of privacy.”

We know you’re wondering, how in the world did she come up with such a high price tag… come $2.2 billion??? Well, apparently its an estimation of the profits made from the picture over the last eight years.

Leah may find a few bumps in the road on the way to that number because it will be hard to determine how much money was actually made using her photo… but hey they say reach for the stars right?

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