#Roommates, just imagine having a camera in one of your vital organs for 6 months without even knowing! That scenario became one woman’s reality after she found out that her doctor mistakenly left a camera in her torso after performing a kidney and pancreas transplant.

According to the NY Post, Lacrystal Lockett filed a lawsuit against the DeKalb County State Court after finding the camera in her torso during a recent exam. “As a result of Defendants’ negligence, Plaintiff Lacrystal Lockett suffered undue hardship through additional surgical procedures and has incurred medical expenses as well as significant pain and suffering, future pain and suffering, and lost wages,” according to the lawsuit, which is looking for a jury to evaluate possible damages.

Officials at the hospital have not yet released a statement regarding this incident.

#Roommates, what would you do if you found out a camera has been in your organ for 6 months?!

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