Lisa CarterKnight says a pilot misinterpreted a joke a passenger made and thought he was accused of being drunk. 


“As a precautionary measure, a sobriety test was conducted. The test demonstrated the pilot was sober and he was cleared to perform his duties,” JetBlue said in a statement.

Carter-Knight documented her side of the story with several posts to Twitter. “Major debacle on flight 760 in Philly- pilot accuses passengers of accusing him of being intoxicated,” she wrote.

The passengers, she said, were asked to leave the plane while the sobriety test was done. When the other passengers were let back on the plane, Carter-Knight said she was denied boarding because of her posts on social media.

“I wasn’t the individual who made the accusation. I was a passenger who overheard an individual make an off-color remark in which the pilot took offense to and went through some guidelines,” Carter-Knight said. “I was tweeting about an experience like we all do. You’re in a bad restaurant, you’re on a long flight you tweet to your friends and your family.”

JetBlue said that was not why they declined to allow her back on the plane.

Lisa told MyFoxPhilly,

‘I was just doing what I normally do with my kids, sharing information with my friends that I was frustrated that I was sitting there without a flight home and I miss my children.

Now I’m here at one o’clock in the morning with my mother, who had surgery this weekend, to pick me up because a JetBlue pilot made a decision to kick me off his flight.’

JetBlue says they are planning to investigate her exclusion from the flight.

Gumbumpers, do you think that was right of JetBlue?


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