A Louisiana woman who accused actor Clifton Powell known as “Pinky” from Next Friday of raping her last year is now suing him in federal court.  Suing under the pseudonym Kiyante Myers, the woman says she was 24 when Powell raped her on Aug. 29, 2011, which is when she said the alleged crime occurred, but charges were never filed against the actor.

 “After a brief encounter, defendant Powell asked when she would be getting off from work and if she would like to go out afterward.
“Plaintiff agreed to defendant Powell’s request and after getting off from work around midnight, plaintiff met defendant Powell outside of the casino and together went to the W Hotel Bar for drinks.
“After the drinks at The W Hotel, both plaintiff and defendant went to The International House Hotel at 221 Camp Street, where defendant Powell was a registered guest.
“After she entered his hotel room, defendant Powell asked plaintiff to take her pants off so that he could perform oral sex, which led to a consensual sexual relation.

 “Later that same day, when plaintiff and defendant Powell awoke, defendant Powell wanted to engage in sexual relations again, but plaintiff declined his offer, informing him that he was too rough with her last time.

Police investigated the claims but failed to arrest Powell due to lack of evidence of a rape taking place.

Myers has now filed a lawsuit, where she is seeking damages in excess of $75,000.

Powell made news last year when he called director Spike Lee a punk and threatened to whoop his ass for his treatment of black actors.

Clifton’s rep is dismissing the validity of Kiyante’s suit, saying:

“Mr. Powell absolutely denies these false accusations and plans on pursuing all legal remedies available to him against his accuser.”

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