We all know Facebook isn’t for everyone. People take this sh*t way too seriously.

Jennifer Christine Harris was planning a FB event, when things went horribly wrong. Jennifer went to her former friend’s house and set the garage on fire. Thankfully nobody was hurt, but this was why it happened.

A police report says that when an officer asked Nikki Rasmussen about Jen Harris, Rasmussen said “… the two are nolonger friends due to a dispute over Facebook. According to Nikki, Jen is angry with her because she endedtheir friendship on Facebook.”

The report goes on to mention a “fake Facebook account.” But Police Detective Jack Kamerick said only that it involved “Facebook issues and kept building and building and text messages that were sent.”

“Things were posted on Facebook,” Kamerick said. “Jen asked Nikki to create an event on Facebook for a party. Nikki did that. As the date for the party approached “there were a lot of ‘declines,’ on Facebook, the detective said. It was looking like the party might be a bust. The dispute apparently blossomed. So when the garage went up in flames, Harris became the first name that occurred to the victims.

Police say an investigation supports that suspicion.

We’d hate to see what happens if she started deleting their pictures. Arson over Facebook? That’s crazy.




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