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Over the weekend, Amber Rose might have gotten a tattoo removed while “LAHH Hollywood” star Princess Love revealed she hates her ex-Ray J. Plus Naomi Campbell “checked” a dude who crashed her birthday party last month. More inside…

Amber Rose, who has moved on with Machine Gun Kelly, just “removed” her past relationship from her body…so we think. TMZ spotted Amber leaving the offices of Dr. Tattoff in the San Fernando Valley on Saturday. The good doc is a tattoo removal specialist and Amber appears to have gotten some work done. Check the clip above.

If you’re a fan of Amber, you’ll notice that she’s wearing a bandage over the spotted where she’d gotten Wiz Khalifa’s face tattooed a few years ago. Moving on…good for her!

In other post-breakup news….

TMZ caught up with “Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood” star Princess Love outside outside of Cartier in Beverly Hills recently and chick dropped dime on Ray J and her love life.

First off, she and Ray J are on BAD terms. In fact, she gave him the finger (literally). Watch the video above.

She told the cameraman that she bought a Bentley and put it in Ray J’s company’s name (she never explains why) and Ray J took it from her after they broke up! She made it clear that it wasn’t gift, but he took it anyway.

Before she walked away, Princess Love revealed she’s moved on and has a new man. She doesn’t reveal his identity though….we guess she’s saving that for the LAHH Hollywood cameras.

In other entertainment bits…

Four weeks weeks ago, Naomi Campbell had to “check” a dude who crashed her birthday party…and the story is just leaking now.

The photo above was taken during the night off Naomi Campbell’s 45th birthday party in the South of France. She’s wearing Versace by the way.

Anywho, some drunk rich guy decided to crash the bash. His name is Omar Amanat and he showed up to the party, claiming to be the boss of the luxury hotel group Aman Hotels. But…Omar didn’t do his research. It turns out, Naomi use to date the owner of the Aman hotel group – Vladislav Doronin!

After Naomi confirmed that Omar was NOT invited, he tried to ban her from ‘his’ hotel chain for life. Needless to say, he got “checked” and was shown the door.

An Aman spokesman confirmed: ‘Mr Amanat is not a representative. We very much look forward to welcoming Naomi’s continued patronage.’

Mr Amanat did not respond to the Daily Mail when asked for a comment….but we’re just wondering if Na Na went “oops” upside his head with her cell phone. If she didn’t…he lucked out!

Photo via Naomi’s Instagram

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