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Jill Scott has adopted a new rule when it comes to dating. After six months of dating, if there’s nothing there, she’s out. Someone give this woman a book deal already!

Get the deets inside….

Jill Scott will be putting her acting skills to work in the LIFETIME original movie With This Ring, which premieres this Saturday at 8/7c. But before we see Miss Jilly from Philly as Viviane in the telefilm, she did an interview with ABC News Radio where she talked about her own love life and how she has adopted some new dating rules.

Now that she’s older (and wiser), the Grammy Award winning singer says after six months of dating, she pretty much knows whether or not she’ll continue to pursue the relationship. She’s clearly not one to waste her time, or anyone else’s. She revealed,

“I’m older now so I see a little bit better than I did before. My longest relationships now are about nine months. Actually, now it’s grown to six months. There’s no need for me to waste my time or anybody else’s. I know by then. If you make it over the six month hump, you have done something. I must really like you.”


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The Get On Up actress also dished on why her previous marriage to Lyzel Williams (after 6 years) and her engagement to drummer Lil John Roberts failed. She said,

“You can hold your stomach in for four hours, but you can’t hold it in forever. You have to be who you are and you have to genuinely love who you love in order to have a lasting marriage. Getting married is one thing; staying married is something else.”

Facts only.

In the film, Jill plays Viviane, a successful gossip columnist, who is secretly in love with the father of her son Sean (played by “Grey’s Anatomy star Jason George). Just like any romantic film, there’s a lustful sex scene between the two, which Jill revealed they shot the first day they met. Talk about pressure! She said,

“We had that scene the first day we met, so it really wasn’t much time to figure it out. You know, I just work with the script. My character was in love with this man, and that’s all to it! You know, there’s nothing for me to figure out. So it’s go time. It’s time for me to be in love with this man.”

True professional.

Be sure to tune in to LIFETIME this Saturday at 8/7c to see Jill Scott, Regina Hall and Eve Cooper as they race to the alter in With This Ring.

In another interview….

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Jill Scott continued her With This Ring promo run today, making her way to the “Meredith Vieira Show”, where she talked about how (as a kid) green grass meant a person was wealthy. Hmm? Apparently, she didn’t grow up in Philly with grass in her yard, so when she saw it in other people’s yards for the first time, that’s how she evaluated wealth.

Check it:

Meredith: You grew up in Philadelphia and it was not an easy childhood, you were poor.
Jill: Yeah, I didn’t know that though. I didn’t know we were broke until I got into junior high school and I visited other people and I was like wait a minute you have grass.
Meredith: You mean grass like green grass.
Jill: I mean green grass and they had it in the front of the house and on the side and in the back, it wasn’t just at the park. I had no idea so that’s my template for wealth, is grass. If I have grass I’m doing well and if it’s alive I’m doing even better.
Meredith: Do you have grass now? How much do you have?
Jill: I have 13 acres.

Won’t he do it….

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