He tweeted Thursday that the bill “should be viewed with caution” because it was “finalized yesterday” and “has not been scored.”

GOP Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio said in a statement that he supports changes to the health-care system, but they “must be made in a way that does not leave people behind,” according to NBC News.

“I’ve already made clear that I don’t support the House bill as currently constructed, because I continue to have concerns that this bill does not do enough to protect Ohio’s Medicaid expansion,” he said.

Republicans can afford only two defections to pass a bill, assuming all the Democrats and the two independents in the Senate oppose it.

Assuming the bill passes the Senate, it would return in whatever modified form to the House for a vote.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a statement that the bill will go “nowhere fast” in the Senate. He urged Senate Republicans to “refuse to follow their colleagues over a cliff,” and to help Democrats fix the current system rather than repeal Obamacare.

A CBO score on the amended House plan could come next week.

Watch: Health care bill passes House, heads to Senate


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