First, we here at want to bump our chops in the form of wishing you all a most joyous and safe holiday season. Now is the time to especially reflect on, hold close, and protect all that is important to you.

Happy Holidays

Most are familiar with the saying “there’s no place like home.” How about embracing “there’s nothing like understanding the meaning of being home?” What does it mean, to you and those whom you love, to be home? Whether you have moved and are celebrating the season somewhere new, are visiting family, haven’t been to your place of birth in years, and no matter what your religious views are, we all understand the beauty and value in being home during a time of season. When people ask me “how long are you here, when are you going back home?” I always respond with “I am home…” and so on. For me, making it clear that even though I live in a different state now, my home will always be my home. It means something deep within my being, and it is a conscious and psychological awareness of what home means to me. It means seeing the smile on my father’s face when we talk about writing and learning, seeing my brother laugh while we crack jokes, seeing my sister roll her eyes when we discuss her love life, seeing a tear roll down my mother’s face when she realizes it is my brother’s last year in college, remembering this is the third Christmas that my grandmother is no longer with us, and so so much more. It is the essence of that which so many of us cannot explain. It is as simple as being aware of the fact that it started to snow on Christmas Day and how special that makes us feel. It is stopping and basking in the feeling of being HOME.

During a time such as this, we must take the time to not only reflect on the great memories and how much we nourish our families and loved ones, but who we are. How have these people and times molded you into who you are today? And how will you use these realizations to give back and create a better future for those who will come after you? So many of us talk about treating each day as our last and enjoying life to the fullest, but have you truly manifested these ideas into a reality and something that yourself and others can touch and feel? For me, I will always be honest with you all, I am still learning. When holidays approach, I tend to go into routine mode and scramble to find a plane ticket, pack, and make sure that everything I leave behind is just fine before I head for home. These routines sometimes cloud what I really need to think about, and that is what going home means to my person, my heart, and my being. Now, as I write, as I put my pen to paper, put my hands to laptop, I consciously think about how this all impacts myself, others, and those whom I care for. It is never all about you or me…

Wishing you all a very merry and delightful holiday season. Take care!

“I will never say that I know it all…but I will say it so good, that you’ll believe it anyway.”

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