The power of good media and film can affect change and Will Packer’s new documentary series, #TheAtlantaChildMurders is certainly doing that.

The three-part series, which premiered Saturday on #InvestigationDiscovery, calls attention to nearly two dozen black children who were killed decades ago, @huffpost reports.

Many have taken notice of the show, but probably most importantly is the city of Atlanta and its police force. Recently Atlanta Mayor #KeishaLanceBottoms and police Chief #EricaShields announced that the cases featured in the show are being re-examined and that “technological advances in testing DNA evidence will be the main focus,” according to a press release.

“It would certainly be in order for us to look once again at evidence that the city of Atlanta has in its possession… and to determine once and for all if there’s additional evidence that may be tested that may give some peace ― to the extent that peace can be had in a situation like this ― to the victims’ families,” Bottoms said in a statement.

“To let them know that we have done all that we can do… to make sure their memories are not forgotten, and in the truest sense of the word to let the world know that black lives do matter” she added while also thanking Packer for bringing the murders back to light.

The show re-examines the murders of 29 black youth, mostly children and a few young adults, between 1979 and 1981. Children who were abducted were later found dead, in many cases strangled.

Black parents and community leaders condemned the city for not treating the crimes with urgency.

In what many suspected to be an effort to calm hysteria and racial tension, authorities identified Wayne Williams as the main suspect and linked him to many of the homicides. Williams was convicted of killing two adults, but was never tried for the children’s cases. Twenty-two of the deaths are now considered cold cases and the families of at least 22 murdered children have yet to receive justice.

“If we don’t, as a country, and if the people who’re in power and have the influence, don’t make the decision to put the resources behind protecting those that are most vulnerable, then something like this can happen again,” Packer told HuffPost.

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