Disgruntled former employee has blown the whistle on Ricky Smiley’s out of control spending…

Rickey Smiley

The snitch tells Baller Alert

The real reason Rickey Smiley fired all his staff and many others quit. He is now in a lawsuit with his former manager for money owed. “…. Smiley was also millions of dollars in debt. He owed millions of dollars to the Internal Revenue Service, and he routinely spent literally tens of thousands of dollars more than he earned each month.” “Smiley persistently wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars. By purchasing boats and automobiles he did not need, and buying airline tickets and renting luxurious hotel rooms for young women he solicited online, in nightclubs, or while on the road with “his boys,” Smiley lived the life of a drunken playboy, without shame or discretion.” “Specifically, Smiley’s CFO determined that if Smiley did not continue to supplement his monthly revenue with live performances, his outrageous spending would put him more than $40,000 in the h*** each month—an astonishing fact given that Smiley’s gross monthly revenues exceeded $350,000. “

The snitch also provided steamy cell phone pics of a few of Rickey’s conquests including the daughter of Tim Cameron of the R&B group Silk.

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