Michael Jackson’s burial was delayed for nearly three months, because of Janet Jackson wanted her $40,000 deposit she gave to Forest Lawn cemetery for her brother’s burial spot returned.

Details of the row are revealed in a new biography of the star by Rolling Stone writer Randall Sullivan.

The claims are made in an excerpt of the biography Untouchable and published in November’s Vanity Fair.

Sullivan reports that Michael’s mother Katherine Jackson also arrived that night and entered the house, where she telephoned Grace Rwaramba, the recently terminated longtime nanny to Michael’s children.

The book says La Toya and her boyfriend, Jeffrey Phillips, brought a moving truck to Michael’s home and removed valuables before his executors arrived.

The author also claims that Katherine did not have the money to bury Michael and Janet, who is the only member in the Jackson clan with money, refused to pay for the funeral, so Katherine went to Michael’s estate to get the money to bury him.

Sullivan says all together Katherine borrowed almost $1million for Michael’s funeral.