These two DIVAS never cease to amaze us! C’mon ladies… show some class. K. Michelle and Tamar Braxton continue to take jabs at each other every chance they get. This time, it was Tamar that pulled the trigger. It all began during a conversation between Tamar and one of her Tamartian fans that took it to another space.


Gumbumpers, it amazes me how these celebs have all this limelight and influence and then they get on social media beefing. Whether you like it or not when you are a public figure you have a responsibility to inspire and uplift young people. Every one claims foul and bullying!! But, when will you take responsibility for your own wrongdoing and be an advocate? Teach how not to fall into the negative traps of dissing each other as women. We need to stick together ladies, and show these misguided girls that it’s OK to respect and support each other. I know we’re all human and we all make mistakes but, these two beefing every other week is NOT A MISTAKE! Somebody stand up!

Peep the messiness:

tamar tweet


k michelle tweet


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