#Roommates, who were some of your biggest TV crushes back in the day? We wanted to take y’all on a quick trip down memory lane and check in with some of our favorite “OG Baes” from some of the classic shows. Enjoy!!


Tyreke Scott played by RonReaco Lee

I knowww y’all remember when Tia dated Tyreke on #SisterSister! He was fine back then and he still is! RonReaco is still acting these days and I’m sure you’ve seen him on #SurvivorsRemorse! The 41 year old is also a husband and the father of two young boys.


Quinton “Q” Brooks played by Fredro Starr

Fredro Starr, 1/2 of hip hop duo #Onyx, played the bad boy boyfriend of #Moesha back in the day. He went on to pursue other roles and many of y’all will recognize him as Malakai from #SaveTheLastDance. Today, Starr is still performing all while being a father of two boys and husband to model Korina Longin.


Romeo Santana played by Merlin Santana

This past November marked 15 years since actor #MerlinSantana passed away. Most of us know him as “Romeo Santana” on #TheSteveHarveyShow. Who else had a crush on him?!


Bumper Robinson

Bumper Robinson is truly an OG bae, because he’s been acting for so long! He played Dorian, the boyfriend of Jada Pinkett-Smith’s character Lena James. And also Ivan, who had a crush on Khadijah on #LivingSingle. Robinson’s resume is long. He appeared on #FamilyMatters, #SavedByTheBell, #TheSteveHarveyShow and, of course, “The Jacksons: An American Dream.” Today, Bumper is stilllll a snack and has expanded his TV show talents to voiceover acting over the years.


Shazza Zulu played by Gary Dourdan

Do you guys remember Shazza Zulu on #ADifferentWorld? He dated Freddi on the show and this fine man who was too woke for our own good. Gary would go on to snag other roles and even became a main cast member on “CSI: Las Vegas!” He battled with his own personal addictions during his time on the show, but is doing much better now! Gary is still fine at almost 51 and is even dating!


Robert Ri’chard

We’ve watched Robert Ri’chard on TV shows like #CousinSkeeter and #OneOnOne alongside #KylaPratt. For the first time, we saw Ri’chard as a grown azz man playing a stripper in the #ChocolateCity film. These days he’s all about fitness and has been developing a workout plan to help others get in shape!



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