We see that everyone is going crazy on getting know who this Sidney Starr chick is… well, we had to do some ‘ahem.. research’ ourselves!

We do know that: She/He is from Chicago….Class of 2003

This right here we got from someone that knows Sidney well…

I went to high school with “Sidney” in Chicago (Class of 2003). He definitely was not shaped like that back then. He was very skinny. At one point we were close friends. He knew my mom and dad and I knew his mom. He was one of the first people I met Freshman year. We all thought he was a pretty boy. He looked like a boy. He just was a feminine looking boy. He came out about Sophomore or Junior year. After that he started dressing feminine and joined the girls Pom Pom team. As we got older, we drifted apart and started hanging with other crowds. We still would see each other around school and would talk. I’d always tell him how I was afraid for his safety. He would go around to parties dressed in female clothing and wearing makeup and people would out him at these parties and some guys would be mad thinking he was playing games with them. Fortunately, he was never beat up to my knowledge, but was threatened many times. There has always been controversy surrounding him for as long as I remember. He wanted to wear a skirt while on the Pom Pom team and was told no. He wanted to wear a dress and bring a male as his prom date and was told no. He ended up missing the senior prom. For senior luncheon he was singled out by several students families who wanted to take a picture with the boy who looked like a girl. I felt bad for him at the time. However, after high school we lost touch I never knew what happened to him until about 2 years ago when he resurfaced as Sidney Starr. I guess high school showed signs of him wanting to be a female.