What would YG do if he was President? In a recent interview, the rapper took time out of his day to give us a glimpse into what life would be like if he were Commander in Chief. And #Roommates, YG sure got some plans that may have us all nodding our heads to a ballot in 2020!

According to Complex, YG would “free all his people” and would give every family $100,000. “If I was President, I’d give all the families across the motherf******’ United States $100,000 and see what they’d do with it,” he shared. “If I was President, I’d give them an extra $100,000 for Christmas. If I was President, you wouldn’t be sitting in jail for crimes that are not violent.”

Under YG’s term, we would also all go to school for free #Roommates!

“If I was President, everybody would go to college for free. If I was President, all the food in the grocery stores would be organic. If I was President, all these police motherf******’ killin innocent black people for no reason, they’d be doing life in prison,” he added.

Roommates, would you be here for a YG administration? Let us know!

Photo: Scott Dudelson at Getty Images

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