Today Whitney Houston’s attorney “Mark Twiggs” says that Bobby Brown breached an agreement by trying to talk to the former couple’s daughter during the funeral.  Triggs said that obby was suppose to sit in the first three rows with the Houston’s family and not his children, who are not Houston’s. the attorney said  that Bobby’s children were told that they must sit close to the back with their uncle Tommy.

Security “discretely, politely, respectfully asked the children to sit with their uncle” Triggs wold WVEE-FM in Atlanta. He said Bobby also had agreed not to try to speak with Houston-Brown during the service but he tried to anyway.

“The other part of our agreement was if Bobbi Kristina reached out to Bobby then security was certainly going to make sure that happened. If she did not initiate the contact then he was not to reach out to her….unfortunately that did not happen. He was asked to return to his seat. He decide that he wanted to leave the service”

Brown had said that he has been asked to move several times during the service by security, which he said harassed his family during Saturday’s invitation only funeral.

Brown had been defended by the Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who both said that Brown had done nothing wrong.

Brown was not available to comment at press time.

Houston, a former admitted drug addict, died earlier this month one day before the Grammy Awards. The cause of her death has not been released.




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  1. I feel for Bobby, but if he agreed to this agreement, then he KNEW better. Just let your daughter grieve, and when she’s ready I’m sure she’ll come around.

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