Whitney Houston’s ‘Nothing But Love’ tour went from bad to worse, last night at London’s O2 arena. 20,000 fans were reportedly left disgruntled after the 47-year-old diva admitted to the crowd that she couldn’t hit the high notes. Poor Whit-whit even abandoned ‘The Greatest Love of All’ after only a couple of verses. In fact, she is said to have struggled to get through her classic hits so badly that she had to pause for breath, panted and croaked her way through songs and even had her backing singers carry most of the melodies. A lot of the fans walked out of the show halfway through, and some paid as much as $100 for one ticket. As a result, many angry fans are demanding a refund, and some have deemed the concert as simply ‘rubbish’.
GumBumper! Should Whitney just pull the plug on her tour to stop herself further embarrassment?

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