While Wendy Williams is working through her own set of issues right now, she may have one more thing to worry about. A fan is now accusing Wendy’s show of discriminating against her and her friends because of their age and race.

Sixty-year-old Diane Stevens, who says she’s a frequent audience member at talk shows, told @PageSix that last month she and two friends arrived at the 6:30 a.m. to see a taping of the “Wendy Williams Show.”

“I was coming from The Bronx, and I had to take a bus and two trains,” Stevens said. “So because we have canes they let us sit down inside the audience holding (area). Then the audience coordinator comes on the headset and she looks at us and says into the headset, ‘I am taking the tickets from the older people,’” Stevens alleged.

She claims that the staff on the show took away their ticket stubs and escorted them out of the building. Stevens, who is white, then said that the tickets were handed to three young black women, and so she believes the decision to snatch their tickets was motivated by their age and race.

“It was so humiliating,” she said.

A spokesperson for the show said, “We have the best audience in daytime and we provide a welcoming, fun environment for all of Wendy’s co-hosts (as Williams refers to her audience).”

It’s unclear if the audience member is pursuing any legal action in regard to her claims or if she has any receipts on the matter.

On Monday, Wendy Williams opened up about living in a sober house for a while and revealed that she was receiving treatment. She also said that she has been attending several meetings to deal with her addiction.

We’ll keep you updated on all things Wendy, Roommates!

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