Roommates, do you ever notice that you have the same issues with certain people and then you come to find that they all have the same zodiac sign? I’m sure you’ve had the same arguments and everything with these people!

Here are six of THE WORST zodiac matches and the causes of arguments they’d probably have with each other. Tell us if we nailed it in the comments!

Aries & Taurus

Aries and Taurus are wayyy too similar, y’all. They’re both stubborn and they’re usually Type-A personalities, so when they’re in an argument things can get pretty explosive! I’m sure you can smell the smoke as you’re reading this.

Celebrity example: Quavo & Chris Brown

Leo & Scorpio

These two signs bring drama, drama, drama!! When they argue, you can expect a lot of below-the-belt comments, because hey, Scorpio doesn’t like to lose ANYTHING and, for Leo, everything is “To the death!” These two will pull out all of the stops, so get your popcorn!

Celebrity example: Soulja Boi & Fabolous

Cancer & Aquarius

Cancer and Aquarius are on two different wavelengths—Aquarius seems distant and cold making Cancer want to cling to them more, but this only leads to problems with trust and communication. However, one thing that these signs do have in common is when they’re done with each other THEY. ARE. DONE. With that being said, both signs let it all out in an argument and really don’t give AF! Make sure you guys aren’t wearing earrings, because bows will be thrown 👀

Celebrity example: Kenya Moore & Porsha Williams

Gemini & Sagittarius

Gemini and Sagittarius are complete opposites in every way you can imagine! They have very different temperaments and when they have disagreements they rarely get anywhere. Gemini would be over it as soon as it begins, but will still try to get Sagittarius to react for entertainment. A Sag will never let you see them sweat even though they might be! They’ve mastered the art of *seeming* unemotional and Geminis can’t stand that!

Celebrity example: Nicki Minaj vs. Remy Ma

Libra & Capricorn

All Libra wants is a nice, balanced life and so does Capricorn, but the difference between these two is that Cap’s have already planned their nice, balanced life with or without Libra. These two don’t really have much in common to begin with, so their foundation is already offset. Libra will spark arguments about where they stand, Capricorn will be like, “If you’re having to ask then you should already know.” Just pointless!

Celebrity example: Lil Scrappy & Shay Johnson

Pisces & Virgo

Pisces is in their own world and doesn’t like when their flow or their groove is disrupted. Virgo is the complete opposite—they are focused on what’s happening and are very grounded. They don’t live the fantasy life that Pisces is about which leads Virgo to nag. Pisces will grow to resent Virgo for not allowing them to live how they want to and eventually everything Pisces is feeling just comes out all at once! Yikes!

Celebrity example: Dutchess & Sky

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