Every person has a particular way that they handle their frustrations and on the internet we call it a #clapback! We got a few of the most epic clapbacks ever and paired them with a zodiac sign that we feel is best represented by it. Did we get it right?


Capricorn – Michelle Williams vs. Everybody

Capricorn don’t mind clapping back or being clapped on simply because the way that bank account is set up, why should they? Then best revenge is your paper!

Aquarius – Cardi B. vs. Azealia Banks

Aquarians clap back at people they are absolutely done with. If they’re clapping back at you, they don’t plan on being cool with you ever again, so they. go. ham.


Pisces – Rihanna vs. Ciara

Pisces will clap back at you, but then they may realize their error in doing so and will usually own up to it.

Aries – Nene Leakes vs. Claudia Jordan

Aries’ clap backs are ALWAYS heated and they ALWAYS deliver. They practice their clap backs in the mirror so that they never miss a beat.


Taurus – Tiffany Pollard Vs. Hottie

Straight up, Taurus clap backs are rude and they don’t even care! Why hold back in the heat of the moment?


Gemini – Masika Kalysha vs. Hazel E

Geminis are relentless with their clapbacks! They keep mental tabs on things about you in case they have to use them if a bihh starts acting up.

Cancer – Lil Kim vs. Wendy Williams

For a Cancer to even clap back at you in the first place probably says more about you than them. They rarely get out of character, but when they do, watch out!


Leo – Vivica A. Fox vs. 50 Cent

Leo goes big or goes home and has no problem creating a media storm in the midst of their clap backs!


Virgo – Jussie Smollet vs. Homophobes

Virgos don’t typically get involved in mess, but sometimes they do have to rearrange a wig right quick.

Libra – Amber Rose vs. Khloé Kardashian

A Libra will clap back at you if it’s a matter of right and wrong. A little correction ain’t never hurt nobody!

Scorpio – Phaedra Parks vs. Kenya Moore

A Scorpio clap back is a clap back that STINGS! You’ll never forget it and neither will the crowd of spectators who witnessed the read. Oh, yes, Scorpio will give you a show, honey!


Sagittarius – Nicki Minaj vs. Perez Hilton

Sagittarius will just straight up tell you what they want and you can’t even be mad, because it’s usually true.


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