#Roommates, before I got involved in sports and other extra curriculars, my after school routine involved me watching music videos and waiting for the house phone to free up so I can talk to my besties. #SmilezandSouthstar’s “Tell Me” was a video that was on heavy rotation back then and the nostalgic hit always had me singing the catchy chorus.

So I naturally wonder from time to time–where they at now?!? Well since that mega hit, the rap duo actually had a sophomore album they completed, but it wasn’t released due to label issues. They have pursued different career paths since then but music continues to be a passion for the both of them and the guys have remained good friends over the years.

Smilez, who now goes by Rodney J. Bailey, dropped a couple of singles including one with #Lloyd called “Night Life” but the real coin he found ended up being in real estate! He built a multi-million dollar team, #therjbandcompanyteam, based out of #Orlando, Florida. Southstar got into finances and says he has built a successful financial industry career while also being a dad to his two sons and daughter.

When it comes to the music, Southstar actually released some new music under his real name on #AppleMusic and has done a couple of performances here and there. Southstar also mentors and consults for a couple of up and coming artists and producers. Smilez says he still writes bangers during his free time.

The duo says, their best advice to new artists is to be themselves and not to follow trends and while they’re now living their best lives, the two said they’d be down for a reunion!

Would ya’ll be here for a Smilez and Southstar reunion? Let us know!

TSR STAFF: Christina C! @cdelafresh

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