Back in 2007, Tynisha Keli released her single “I Wished You Loved Me,” off of her debut album “The Chronicles of TK.” The song was written and produced by Rico Love and Tha CornaBoyz.

The record went on to reach No. 13 on Billboard’s Bubbling R&B/ Hip-Hop Singles chart. A little over 10 years since the success of the record, Tynisha Keli is still out here singing, releasing tracks and preparing to drop “The Chronicles of TK Pt.2” in 2019 under her own company Sinai Records.

We caught up with the songbird to see what she’s been up to, and what fans can expect from her in the near future.

We asked Tynisha what she’s been up to musically over the past few years and she said, “I’ve been releasing singles for the last few years “Inhale Exhale” and “Forget It All” and as of the latest two “Sleeping Alone” and “I Got You Babe” they’ve been released off of my new very own company “Sinai Records.”

She also let us know what kind of R&B artists she would like to collaborate with, what she’s been up to outside of music, what it was like to make her hit single “I Wished You Loved Me,” and much more.


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Are there any R&B artists in today’s industry that you would love to collaborate with?

I’d like to collaborate with artists with substance. I’m so deprived of good music with all this mumble, talking about nothing ass music I had a hard time finding inspiration. But there are a few artists I’ve been bangin’. H.E.R, Jade Nova, Tiyon Christian, Inayah Limas, and a couple others I would love to create with. TC and I been talking about getting in a couple records for this album. I’m gassed about that one. He is a vocal monster.”

“I Wished You Loved Me” was one of your biggest records and one that I still listen to today. What can you remember about working on that record during that time? 

“Thank you!! I believed in that record the moment they hit the space bar to play it. I recorded that song in a closet in an apartment in Atlanta in the middle of the summertime with the ac shut off (due to the sensitivity of the mic). So it’s safe to say I put my blood, sweat, and tears into the makings of that record lol. I know I fought the company tooth and nail for them to buy it so we could move forward. After 1 million plays on MySpace, they finally saw my vision & couldn’t deny it anymore. I thank God.”


What was it like collaborating with Sammie for the remix?

“He did an incredible job on that remix I was so happy he chose to hop on it. I wasn’t in the session at the time cause I was on the road but I got the copy in my email and was shook. Like, ‘aight Sammie you just gonna flex on me like that on my own record??’ But I loved it so much I started singing his part more than my own lmao. Shoutout to young Lion ❤️”


Back then you also used YouTube as an outlet to expose your talent by doing covers. With YouTube having more popularity now, have you ever considered going back to doing YouTube covers, or any YouTube content?

“Truth! I turned to YouTube as a coping mechanism for trying to get my label to do something with the project. I started a channel singing songs I mainly felt at that moment because I didn’t have family and very few friends. They became that for me in between the “hurry up to wait” time. I wasn’t concerned about being liked or shared I just wanted to connect with others who happened to be as alone as I was, who needed to possibly hear through song they weren’t alone and in essence it helped me more than them. I seldom post now but I will definitely be posting much more being I’m filming the whole album recording process.”

Outside of music, what have you been up to?

Well, there have been about 6 years of unaccounted time. What most people didn’t know was on the brink of success I was completely backstabbed by the people who literally had my life in their hands bound through 3 contracts to one person. That was the start of my long ass hiatus. I guess I just felt like if someone I trusted like my kin could do that why continue? Why bother?

Then my little brother’s murder started to set in after two years of going hard putting out an album a year only to be left for dead by the same people who rubbed my back while I lowered him into the ground. It’s fair to say I was downward spiraling emotionally to the point I didn’t know what I wanted anymore. I lost a piece of me when my brother was killed and I had to find myself again. The in between stories of living back in the hood all that time will be on this album. I’ve started a company I can build beautifully. It’s not even about ME it’s about being able to pay it forward by scouting other amazing talent and letting them be authentically them while grooming them to live up to their greatest potential. That’s my ultimate goal once this album is finished.”

What can our Roommates, expect from you next? 

Expect “The Chronicles of TK pt.2” 2019. I promise to stay true to my spirit and I hope y’all can take some message out of any song to help you along your journey. We ALL have a rise and fall. Some people have many but it’s how you handle that fall that makes you so much stronger in the end.   🥰 God Bless”



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