I’m about to take y’all back….wayyyyy back to a time where #BET was on everybody’s T.V. after school.

You could always count on BET to be like a best friend with that solid after school lineup with shows like “Cita’s World”, “Rap City” and the iconic “106 and Park.” But no one can forget the crazy stuff Hits from “Hits of the Street” did.

Hits’ hilarious antics, the way he always showed love to HBCUs and his banter with your average man on the street, always had me in tears. 11-year-old me was devastated by his fake funeral on the show (only true fans will remember) just like I was devastated by the show coming to an end. Well, I’m here to say Hits, whose real name is Al Shearer, is alive and well in real life and is ready to bring y’all some new new.

We sat down with Hits who says his favorite moments from the show were “MOO PSI MOO, GETO MAN, and D’Angelo were some of my favorite moments!” He also spilled tea about what REALLY happened to his show.

Read the full interview below:

TSR: It’s been some time! What have you been up to since the show?

HITS: It’s CRAZY AS HELL to think How much time has passed since I Did “HITS FROM THE STREETS” from 1999 to 2002!

It feels like yesterday because everywhere I go somebody is yelling WHAT UP HITS!? Whether it’s in ATL or somebody hanging out of a car driving down Melrose or in Toronto getting Mobbed at Carabana, it’s like I left the show yesterday! Everyone From Will Smith To LeBron James always says “That S*** was funny as hell and you raised me or I grew up watching you!”

So, it’s feels like I never left. I did it for 3 years and over 400 shows…All over the country and abroad. And, contrary to popular belief, I LEFT THE NETWORK. The show didn’t get cancelled. They wanted me to stay and do at least two more seasons. BET and STEPHEN HILL birthed me and gave me a platform to rock out and I will always be grateful for that and She, BET, will always be my other Mother. But, they wouldn’t let me run up on people and in houses or jump on and in cars and get loose in the streets. Because I became too valuable of a Commodity and investment. So, it stopped being fun and It was time to go and move on to bigger and better things in Hollywood.

So I went to go do the classic movie “How High”….shout to my N****s RED & METH!…I went to star in Punk’d on MTV! And, Then I did TRL & Beach House with La La (Anthony).

After that, I co-starred in the Jerry Bruckheimer film “Glory Road”. Then I did a few guest stars on various TV shows and starred opposite…the late great Charlie Murphy in “The Hustle.”

I got Married and just took a long break to just chill since I had been going so hard for so long. Then, it was time to get back at it. So, I Starred in and shot a pilot I co-executive produced w/ Ashton Kutcher for Comedy Central, then one with Super Agency CAA and most recently one with the great Aaron Mcgruder at Adult Swim.

TSR: What was the best part about being Hits?

HITS: The Best part of being HITS WAS and IS the connection to people…I have fans from what I call “The Bars To the Boardroom,” meaning from in jail doing a bid to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. No matter what walk of life you were from, you were f*****g with ME & I was f*****g with YOU!

It also allowed me to showcase the different HBCU’s that were out there that young black kids had no idea existed and would not have seen if I had not gone to each one of them on my Fall & Spring College Tours. So many people say THANKS MAN, because of you I went to this college or that college or pledged this Fraternity or that Sorority. It was the ability to inform and entertain at the same damn time. Another added plus was the ability to travel and see all of the United States and abroad like to places like AFRICA while shooting the show.


TSR: What was you favorite moment on the show?

HITS: My favorite moments were too many to count, but I’d have to say MOO PSI MOO, GETO MAN, and D’Angelo were some of my favorite moments! But all of it was GREAT… because I was just like YOU..NO MATTER WHO YOU WERE…the only difference was I was just out there having fun with my BET crew and getting filmed doing it.

I was a one-man Vine and YouTube before they were invented!


TSR: You ushered in an era at BET. How has the network changed to you?

HITS: Yeah Man, I was dubbed “The Golden Boy” of the Network and I wore the title proudly! But, it was all of us though with the new shows during Stephen Hill’s high point that changed the game! We were a true DREAM TEAM like The Golden State Warriors. But, that’s what I think is missing from BET now. Don’t get me wrong, It has grown a lot…like with scripted original shows like “Being Mary Jane,” The New Edition Special and the Bobby Brown joint. But that’s it. They Need to WAKE UP and SPEED UP!!!!!!!!

Somebody is sleep at the wheel over there. They should be the quintessential network for Black entertainment, education, news, business, fashion, sports and everything between. Think About how far ahead of its time a how much of a pioneering Network it was when it first came out and where it is now. It should be like a Tesla, ahead of the game, not blending in and trying to keep up! I’m not hating on the other networks like TV One or Bounce cause I’ve worked with Bounce! But just think…we were the inspiration for those networks…now they are almost BET’s equal!


TSR: What do you have coming for the fans?

HITS: A lot of folks said they grew up on me and were entertained by me and I thank you all for that, but the ride is far from over! I’ve been turning sandcastles into pyramids…So, keep it locked cause it’s gonna get hot!!! I just finished “How High 2” with Lil Yachty & DC Young Fly for MTV & Universal and Kevin Hart’s “Guide To Black History” for NetFlix and another show we’re almost done creating…Not to mention  something I can’t talk abou that is gonna be dooope with somebody ya’ll know VERY WELL!!!

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