#YouTube has dang near everything now, but I’m about to take you back to the days of viral videos, you know, the ones you’d gather around a phone or computer screen to watch.

There was a time when you couldn’t get the “Bed Intruder Song”, also known as “Hide Ya Kids, Hide Ya Wife,” out of your head. After #AntoineDodson’s interview with a local news station in Alabama about a home invasion and an attempted sexual assault on his sister was turned into a song, Dodson became an overnight sensation.

The video has more than 141 million views on YouTube. Some can argue he was really one of the first people to “go viral.” Well since then, Dodson embraced the fame but he’s still a regular guy working a 9 to 5 while maneuvering his way into the music biz.

“I plan to come back into the industry because I’ve been away for awhile,” Dodson said. “I’ve always done music but the back side of it with paperwork never seems to work out and I’m back at square one. I have a new producer, Lil Ced, who has done like three of the beats on my upcoming album.”

Dodson said that going viral was one of the best things that ever happened to him because it opened up the world to him.

“The best part of going viral was/is the chance to experience a life a never experienced before,” he said. “The chance to meet new people, try new foods and cultures.”

The only regrets he does have is not paying attention to deals that came his way and not having the industry knowledge to understand things fully.

They never actually caught the guy who tried to attack his sister, but Dodson still keeps in contact with The Gregory Brothers, the group who actually produced the song. Dodson said they reached out to him to do the full version of the track 50/50.

And now he’s ready to make music for the people again.

“I look forward to the world rocking to my music and sharing my talents with everyone.”

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