#Roommates, often times you all may see us post a lot of #DaddyDuties on the page because we love to highlight black fathers present in their children’s lives. At times there can be a misrepresentation of black fathers in society’s eyes, and we are all about proving those misconceptions wrong! It looks like the people over at Macy’s might need to check our page out because their recent holiday ad isn’t sitting well with a lot of people. People are wondering why the African American family in the ad is missing a father figure.

“Dear @Macys…… Could you please explain to #BlackTwitter why these beautiful BLACK children didn’t get a father in their pic??? 🤔🤔😡,” one user wrote on Twitter.

“Even the dude’s got a man at home.
Can a sister get a fake man tew??
Im off @Macys anyway. Overpriced for basic quality,” another said.

Macy’s spokesperson Radina Russell released a statement to NewsOne in response to the backlash.

“We appreciate our customers reaching out to share feedback on our holiday pajama images. We apologize. These are some of a number of images were that were intended to celebrate families and togetherness, and our intent was never to offend. It’s important for us to know when we have missed the mark, and we appreciate that our customers let us know. At Macy’s, we are guided by our corporate values of Acceptance, Respect, Integrity and Giving Back. We know we are at our best when what we do fully reflects the rich diversity of our colleagues, customers and communities nationwide. We have shared the comments with our creative team and plan will have a thorough discussion on how to be more thoughtful in the future.”

Check out more twitter reactions below:

“What another big mistake @macys. We work deliberately to overcome these stereotypes only to be dehumanized by a corporation that’s handled thousands of my dollars annually. Never again.✊🏾”

“Dear @Macys, contrary to popular belief, Black families are alive, well and thriving. I’m saddened that you felt so comfortable releasing this ad but as a loyal customer, I am offended. I have no qualms with canceling my card today. You don’t need this fight! #blackfathersmatter”

“@Macys You owe every African American an apology for your recent holiday promotion. To depict an African American woman w/out a spouse, but have two Caucasian families in tact sends a subliminal message to the public. You should pull that ad immediately.”

What are your thoughts #Roommates?

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