Damn… People just air all their dirty laundry on social media these days. What happened to keeping certain thing private? I guess it doesn’t matter to some. They want the world to know and feel their pain. Welp, Rapper, YG has found himself in a situation. YG has been dating his girlfriend Caatelyn for a while now, in fact, he even stood by her side through out her jail sentence. Yes, she is a little on the wild side and covered in tattoos, different from the typical video model that most Rappers go for.

yg girlfriend

yg girlfirend

Well, it seems they are no longer together and you won’t believe the reason why. She exposed him on Social Media and we couldn’t believe what we read. Hacked or nah?

YG has just informed me due to the fact that I waited too long to be honest about someone that I used to talk to that I’m evil and a terrible person. Now he is trying to tell me that I need to push out a baby in 4 months so he can feel comfortable. That’s not the sick part! Telling me what can he offer to fix it. His offer to fix what he did to me was a check! A check for not telling me had herpes! Then continuously having s** and o*** with random women after he has already brought this to me. What do y’all think? Does he know pain. Am I really the evil one? Called ME SELFISH. TOLD ME THAT ANY B**** would ride for him because of who he is. Discrediting everything I went through and said I’m not the first b**** that found out he had it [the disease] and put “LoL” as if he wanted me to feel like I can be replaced. I don’t think he knows what cold hearted is. So I thought I should remind him”

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