Reality TV star Kim Kardashian was spotted wearing some not so cute leggings that revealed the depths of her insecurities. Wearing a denim vest, black leggings and a pink Chanel clutch, Kardashian smiled and posed for pictures with fans outside a sports store in Calabasas on Friday.

Like other women who suffer from body image disturbance, Kim doesn’t see how unnatural her butt looks sitting on the back of her thighs like a loaded diaper. She has repeatedly denied getting butt shots or using other butt enhancements to boost her self-confidence.

It looks like she is wearing an depend to me, but the black men seem to love her…why is that??




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  1. They love her because she is non black.. ole self hating clowns,, love your queen the black woman.. stop showing up at the mall with fat white women and if it was a fat black one they would tell her to lose weight. Kim k azz is so fake its comical.. looks like a soggy diaper and she struts around lying about it being real.. im sure those black men would take her with a flat butt.. doesnt she realize that? no need to copy!

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