Have you noticed that unclockable trannies have been making the news lately? I’m sure you’ve heard about NFL player Eric Green who was accused of forcibly sodomizing  tranny who filed a $10 million sex assault case against him?  Angelina Mavilia said she met Green in an Arizona casino last year. She said they went back to his condo where Green, 27, assaulted her. He then got “extremely agitated and threatening,” according to court documents, and warned: “This never happened. You’d better not tell.”  This is happening more and more frequently as gender assignment surgery fees become more affordable and trannies venture out of the gay community and into the popular heterosexual nightclubs where they hope to land unsuspecting football players like Eric Green and rappers like Bow Wow.


A production company called Red Label Group is shopping around a new reality show called “Boss Ladies” featuring 5 trannies who hope to open up a boutique featuring their unique fashions. The cast includes rapper Bow Wow’s friend Nadia (pictured top and 2nd from left above) who frequents the mostly straight Atlanta nightspots looking for ballers. The thinking is: she’s got bills to pay too. And since the ballers won’t come to the gay clubs, she’ll go to the ballers playground.  The game has just gotten a little more serious for you heterosexual men.


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