Singer/songwriter and now reality TV personality Kandi Burruss is quickly becoming the most hated ‘Housewife’ according to a source on the production staff of the hit reality series ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’.

Kandi’s attitude has taken an abrupt 180 degree turn and she now believes she is the star of the ‘Housewives’. In fact, the closeness between Kandi and the show’s producers has the other cast members so on edge that they have drastically altered their lifestyles out of fear of being kicked off the show.

The insider said Kim Zolciak is set to reveal her bisexuality during the new season, and cast member NeNe Leakes recently went on a crash diet. “She’s afraid she will be the one out on the curb,” said the insider, who added that no one knows who will be kicked off the show until right before the season 3 filming begins.

“Kandi has thrown a few of her close friends under the bus and the girls think she will do the same to them,” said the source. Her inner circle is dwindling due to her high and mighty attitude, according to a friend. “If Kandi keeps this up, she won’t have any friends left.”

According to the insider, more than 30 Atlanta-based industry execs, socialites and D-list celebs have interviewed for the role of ‘housewife’ on season 3. The prospects include former Soap star Victoria Rowell and industry makeup artist Dee Wales (Kevin Wales’ sister) who was interviewed last week.

The insider said the producers increased the tension between the cast members by strangely seeking Kandi’s advice and opinions. “She runs to the producers with damaging info on the cast members and on potential cast members,” said the insider. “She thinks they don’t know she’s stabbing them in the back.”