I really don’t know how I would feel if I was driving down the street and saw strippers dancing on a truck and had my 5 year old child in the car(I don’t have any kids just saying). I think for the most part I would be lost for words or either in an accident trying to cover their eyes LOL.

Déjà Vu, a gentlemen’s club located in Tampa Florida , has started driving what it calls the “Stripper Mobile” around town. The “Stripper Mobile” is a large truck with Plexiglas sides featuring a stripper pole and dancers inside, sort of like a peep show on wheels. Reaction so far, according to Déjà Vu dancer Bree, has been crazy.

Everybody’s taking pictures and running up and screaming and trying to get on the bus and throwing dollars outside. It’s actually very exciting,” she said.

The “Stripper Mobile” was originally driven in Las Vegas until local leaders there put the brakes on the vehicle last November. The owners eventually sent it to Tampa, where Déjà Vu’s general manager says they’re taking it out on Friday and Saturday nights between 10 P.M. and 2 A.M..

I was told the truck smells like dead fish and  hot A$$ and the end of the night. LOL!!

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  1. haHa!! I bet it does smell like that,, but anywho i think that is totally ridiculous and trashy and disgusting.. stop throwing strippers in our faces, they need to get a real job like the rest of the world!

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