Rick Ross n Drake are not the only ones who make money off the line “You Wasn’t With Me Shootin In The Gym.”   Moneyball Sportswear, owned by ex-professional basketball player Desmond Ferguson, has hit the scene strong with some of its sportswear masked by the popular saying.   Moneyball has even created a response shirt for ladies saying oh but “I Was With You Shootin In The Gym!”  And for those of you not familiar with the lingo, the sayings are symbolic  for people who were not with you and did not support you before you made money or got to where you are in life – it is a solid KICK ROCKS to those people who show up after you are making money and doing well, when they didn’t want anything to do with you before! 

Moneyball has taken great strides in the athletic apparel world due to CEO Desmond Ferguson’s connections and commitments to professional sports, youth, and the community.  Ferguson operates a store in Lansing, Michigan (his hometown and where he and Magic Johnson attended the same high school at different times).  You can catch hoopers such as NBA players Lance Stephenson (Indiana Pacers) and Willie Green (LA Clippers) wearing Moneyball apparel as well.   Currently, Moneyball is the uniform provider for the National Basketball League of Canada (NBL Canada), the first ever all Canadian men’s professional basketball league.   Moneyball reaches several states and has deep planted roots in the community, especially because of its free 3-day basketball clinic that Ferguson started about 7 years ago.  The clinic is for male and female youths who play basketball, and of course want to look good while they play.  Moneyball has clothed state championship basketball teams in Decatur, Georgia, which definitely lends credit to the Moneyball motto “Moneyball, The Uniforms of Champions.”   And speaking of looking good and champions, former NBA player and Fab Five phenom Jalen Rose has been seen wearing Moneyball apparel!  Rose’s Leadership Academy basketball team in Detroit, Michigan currently wears Moneyball uniforms.  And if you at all familiar with Rose, this man keeps his appearance very sharp!

Last, I suppose Moneyball owes NBA player Kevin Garnett a thank you, seeing as how Garnett gave Ferguson the nickname “Moneyball” back when they played AAU basketball together.  While playing together “KG would always be the one to yell it,” says Ferguson.  So, does this mean that Garnett was shootin with Moneyball in the gym? (too far? ha!)  In any case, we are loving the apparel, and the loud and boisterous mark that Moneyball is making in the community.  For more, please check out the Moneyball website at www.moneyballsportswear.com.   Also, follow them on Instagram at IamMoneyball and twitter @iamMoneyball.   Ball on, my friends.  Holla back.

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