What Brandy’s Friend “Shay” Had To Say About Her In A Blog??

Posted on Jan 16 2011 - 3:03pm by Tracy


Well right now I’m watching Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business, and I thought I would blog about what I just seen.  Brandy has a friend of 15 years name Shay, well Shay decided to blog about Brandy back in July titled, I’ve Been Friends with Brandy for 15 Years by Shay.  Well of course I had to go read the blog, to see what Shay had to say about Brandy.

Here are a few things from Shay’s blog:

Contrary to what people may believe, I was asked to be on the show. It was not my decision meaning I did not call Brandy to ask to be a part of the show. I did not think it would be wise to mix business with friendship because Brandy and I are friends.

No, we didn’t just meet on the show; I was not simply selected as a cast member to be a part of the show, nor am I some flunky. I am accustomed to living a particular lifestyle. I had a career prior to the “Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business” television show.

I have been friends with Brandy for nearly 15 years so I know first hand through my observations of her, just how difficult it is to be a public figure/celebrity. It is almost as if your life is no longer you life. Being an observer of Brandy has placed me in a position to know that every decision, whether personal or business is viewed dramatically which can “make or break” a person.

I truly believe Brandy is not mad at what Shay said, but the fact that Shay didn’t ask Brandy about it before blogging about her &  her family

Question:  Do you think Shay was wrong for blogging about Brandy, or did Brandy take it over the top?


Here is Shay’s full blog from July @ globalgrind.




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