Well right now I’m watching Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business, and I thought I would blog about what I just seen.  Brandy has a friend of 15 years name Shay, well Shay decided to blog about Brandy back in July titled, I’ve Been Friends with Brandy for 15 Years by Shay.  Well of course I had to go read the blog, to see what Shay had to say about Brandy.

Here are a few things from Shay’s blog:

Contrary to what people may believe, I was asked to be on the show. It was not my decision meaning I did not call Brandy to ask to be a part of the show. I did not think it would be wise to mix business with friendship because Brandy and I are friends.

No, we didn’t just meet on the show; I was not simply selected as a cast member to be a part of the show, nor am I some flunky. I am accustomed to living a particular lifestyle. I had a career prior to the “Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business” television show.

I have been friends with Brandy for nearly 15 years so I know first hand through my observations of her, just how difficult it is to be a public figure/celebrity. It is almost as if your life is no longer you life. Being an observer of Brandy has placed me in a position to know that every decision, whether personal or business is viewed dramatically which can “make or break” a person.

I truly believe Brandy is not mad at what Shay said, but the fact that Shay didn’t ask Brandy about it before blogging about her &  her family

Question:  Do you think Shay was wrong for blogging about Brandy, or did Brandy take it over the top?


Here is Shay’s full blog from July @ globalgrind.




  1. I don't think she did anything wrong. Its not like she told any of they secrets.shay should of let bra know that she was writing the blog… what's the big deal???? And what's the bif secret aboy writing the blog????

  2. Simply put No Shay did nothing wrong. She did had every right express herself as a human being. If Brandy is truly a friend then she should understand that. Making a big deal of nothing is how I see it. All in the name of rating!

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