Wendy Williams and her husband Kevin Hunter were spotted together for the first time in a cool minute y’all! As you may know, Wendy was away from ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ for a little over 50 days due to being sick. Word on the street however, was that Wendy was away as guest co-hosts hosted her show, because she was allegedly dealing with marital issues.

Her husband Kevin is alleged to have a lil thang on the side, and news broke that sis was reportedly pregnant, which caused people to speculate that being the reason for Wendy’s hiatus.

On Wendy’s first day back on the show, she was quick to clear up any rumors about what the streets are saying about her man. View the clip below:

Welp, it seems as though all may be well and good as the two were seen strolling around together Wednesday morning!

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Catch up on the latest Wendy tea regarding Howard Stern below!


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