NFL star Chad Ochocinco was grilled by talk diva Wendy Williams on her show yesterday. She told Chad she watched a DVD of his dating show last weekend and she was “insulted and offended!” at the shortage of sistas on the show.

Ochocinco immediately jumped on the defensive, saying: “It’s a funny issue for people to even question what I like.” Ochocinco’s narcissism reared its head when he said basically, damn what you like, it’s my show and I’m going to appease ME!  I’m sure it will be cancelled soon…LOL!!

 Word is Ochocinco got in contact with stripper-turned-blogger, Zeralyn Ford I don’t know what they chatted about because their conversation was private.


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  1. I have a problem with black men who won’t date a woman who looks like his mother, plus I say the all black women should ban watching his show,

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